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                  About The Author 


Ms. Miltiade Delille also known as Milly was born in Port au Prince, Haiti and migrated to Brooklyn, New York at the age of five years old with her mom and twin sister Minerve Delille. She is the second eldest of six children,  English is considered her second language because Haitian-Creole is her native tongue. Education was important in her household because as immigrants it was imperative that Miltiade and her siblings were successful and made something out of themselves. Miltiade attended Andries Hudde Junior High School, Clara Barton High School and then went on to SUNY Binghamton University. After graduating with her bachelors in Psychology and Minor in Health and Wellness she then went on and got her Masters in Education at Touro Graduate School of Education where she excelled and improved her craft in Education.  Milly saw a need to make an impact in the inner city schools she started her career at. She has left a powerful mark with each scholar she has taught or tutored. Milly currently resides in Brooklyn, NY with her family and continues to pave a way for herself in the educational sector with her own education consulting program. called Culturedemia.

Milly D.

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